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General conditions



The sales site is an e-commerce site accessible via the Internet and open to all users of this medium (hereinafter referred to as "user"). The sales site was created by the Non-Profit Association "Special Forces Friends VZW, with registered office at Hertogstraat 184, 3001 Heverlee, VAT number: BE 8200 1827 3025 68In implementation of these conditions, it is agreed that:The VZW Special Forces Friends hereinafter referred to as 'SFF'.The articles that are offered for sale on the website are hereinafter referred to as 'product' or 'products'.The user who has confirmed an order is called the 'buyer', therefore the user's rights and obligations also apply to the buyer.The user and SFF are collectively referred to as the 'parties' and separately as 'party'.Any user who orders a product offered for sale on the site is deemed to have read and expressly agreed to the present general terms and conditions of sale. This acceptance is not subject to a handwritten signature by the user.Each user who places an order confirms that he is legally competent to do so. If the user is under the age of 18, the user needs clear permission from one of the parents or guardian to place the order and / or to proceed with payment.

Anyone who has been declared incompetent under the provisions of article 1123 and following of the Civil Code may be a user of the site, on the understanding that he is under no circumstances allowed to make purchases on the site and, accordingly, to obtain the status of the buyer.In that case, the legal representative of the incapacitated person is liable for the consultation of the site and the services available thereon. This legal representative must comply with these provisions. In any case, if personal data is provided, the legal representative must either complete the registration form himself or expressly authorize the person declared unfit to fill in that form, it being understood that the provisions referred to in Article 7 below pertaining to the personal data remain in full force.An order is fulfilled subject to possible refusal by SFF. In particular, an order cannot be fulfilled due to incorrect price reporting, if previous orders have not been paid, or if SFF is of the opinion that articles have been returned too often or have been lost.At the slightest suspicion of scam or scam practices the order will be canceled immediatelyIn accordance with the law of July 9, 2001 concerning the establishment of certain rules in relation to the legal framework for electronic signatures and certification services, it is recalled that the validation of the order, as referred to in Article 3.3 below, is equated with an electronic signature which, between the parties, has the same legal value as a handwritten signature and provides evidence for the completeness of the order and for the exigibility of the sums due for the execution of this order.Finally, it is expressly stipulated that the user may save or print these general terms and conditions of sale, provided that he does not change these conditions.


Article 1. ObjectThese general terms and conditions of sale determine the rights and obligations of the parties arising from the online sale of the products offered for sale on the site, albeit exclusively with regard to the legal relationships arising on the internet from this.These conditions apply to online sales on Belgian territory. The sale is closed in Dutch.


Article 2. Products-Prices-Shipping2.1. ProductsThe products offered by SFF are valid in Belgium. Any discounts, recycling contributions, as well as the VAT applicable on the order date are included in the price.In accordance with environmental legislation, when a new electrical, electronic or lighting appliance is purchased, a recycling fee is collected on behalf of the 'Recupel' organization recognized in Belgium, which is responsible for taking back and recycling the end-of-life appliances concerned, according to the type. device. This contribution has already been included in the sales price.

2.2. PricesThe price indication does not take into account the shipping costs of the order referred to in Article 2.3. They will be charged additionally after the final confirmation of the order. The invoice that will be addressed to the user will therefore include the price of the products, as well as the shipping costs of the order.SFF reserves the right to change its prices at any time and the user agrees. However, the products are invoiced on the basis of the rates that are valid at the time the order is registered, insofar as the products in question are available.Any allowed promotions in the form of discount codes are only valid during the specified period of validity.With the slightest suspicion of scam / scam, threats, extortion, harassment, etc., orders are canceled immediately and created "SFF customers" are removed from our system.2.3. Shipping costs of the orderThe shipping costs consist of a participation the postage and packaging costs.Packages that go to major cities located in the BENELUX and Europe (including: Amsterdam / Brussels) are always sent to existing DPD collection / collection points and this in your very close environment.The shipping costs consist of a participation, postage and packaging costs.We do send orders / parcels out of Belgium, we always send your order to a local DPD pick-up point!2.3.1. Participation in the shipping costs(shipping and packaging) of the package varies depending on the ordered item, according to the following rate structure:BELGIUMDPD parcel serviceBelgium: delivered at home• 0-10kg = 6.00 €• 0-20kg = 8.25 €Belgium: Pickup Parcelshop (DPD collection point)• 0-10kg = 4.00 €• 0-20kg = 5.00 €EUROPE (Except UK, Ireland, Scotland and Islands)DPD parcel service• Rates see website DPD: reserves the right to change the above amounts according to the evolution of the transport rates of independent carriers and postal rates.Upon return of your entire order, a participation in the return costs is due, and any postal costs are for your account. The entries in question are identical and are calculated according to the pricing mentioned above.


Article 3. Registration and confirmation of the order3.1. Navigate the siteThe user can read on the site the various products that SFF offers for sale there. The user can freely navigate the various pages of the site, without making any commitment in the form of an order.3.2. Registration of an orderIf the user wants to place an order, he chooses the different products that interest him, and indicates that he is interested in these products by clicking on the box 'ADD TO CART', if wrong price indications are ordered to the detriment of SFF products not delivered and your order will be canceled immediately.The user has the possibility at any time to:• get an overview of the products selected by him by clicking on 'My shopping cart'• correct any errors when entering the data by clicking on 'My shopping cart' and then clicking on the cross next to the numbers of the selected products• end the selection of the products and order these products by clicking on 'Complete order'Without prejudice to the foregoing, it is expressly stipulated that for certain discount codes obtained by post, e-mail, text message or via offers on the website, the user can exercise his right to the associated benefits by entering the discount code in the appropriate box and on ' Apply 'before clicking' Complete order '. For this, the order must be placed during the specified period of validity of the discount code.The user can order the products he has chosen by first clicking on 'Complete order' and then identifying himself. The user has the choice to 'pay as a guest' or to register.In both cases, the user must accurately complete the form that is opened, in particular by entering all mandatory identification details, such as his name, first name and postal address.If the user chooses to register on the site, he must provide his email address and a personal and confidential password that he chooses. If the user chooses to register, he can identify himself on his next visit to the site by entering his e-mail address and password of his choice.Users who have already registered enter their e-mail address and their password to complete the order.The user accepts that the entry of both identification data serves as proof of his identity and that this shows his agreement with these sales conditions.Once the user is identified, he must choose the delivery address, then the shipping method and payment method. An overview of the order, the personal details of the user, the delivery address of the products and the total amount of the order will then appear.3.3. Final validation of the orderThe moment the user validates his payment method, the order is finally validated: the order is registered and the sale is definitively closed. The user can then no longer correct any errors that occurred when entering the order. The user is then regarded as a buyer. The order is registered in the computer registers of SFF or of its service provider, which in turn are kept on a safe and durable medium, and serves as proof of the contractual relations between the parties. The contract is then archived electronically and is intended for use by SFF only.In accordance with the provisions of Article 5 below, the buyer has the right to waive the purchase within fourteen (14) calendar days from the day after the products have been delivered by SFF without penalty and without giving any reason.3.4. Order confirmationFrom the moment that the sale is definitively closed, an order confirmation and corresponding invoice will be sent by SFF by e-mail, at the latest upon delivery of the products, to the e-mail address provided at the time of the order.The order confirmation and accompanying invoice contain all the constituent elements of the agreement entered into between the parties, as well as proof of purchase concluded between the parties. It also has legal validity regarding the availability and price of the items, as well as promotions and postage costs.


Article 4. Delivery4.1. TermsFor all available items, the shipping time is usually 5 to 14 working days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday excluding public holidays at any place in Belgium), starting from the day following the day of the delivery.

In case the delivery cannot be carried out within the period described above, the Buyer will be informed of the delivery date, by telephone or e-mail. If the proposed date does not suit him, he will contact the planning service or his consultant by phone at +32 (0) 496/36 19 65.4.2. Delivery addressThe products ordered by the buyer are exclusively delivered in Belgium, at the delivery address indicated by the buyer on the order form (at the buyer's home or at the address of his choice). The products are sent via the usual postal services or by a carrier.If the buyer wishes to have the ordered products delivered abroad, he must request this in writing in advance by e-mail.At that time SFF will, in consultation with the producer and / or the importer, examine whether it is authorized to have the ordered products delivered abroad. Once SFF has learned whether or not it is authorized to deliver the products abroad, SFF will contact the buyer.If delivery abroad is allowed, any additional postage costs will be communicated to the buyer, after written approval from the buyer, the order will be considered final and processed.If delivery abroad is not permitted, the buyer has the right to waive the purchase. This is free of charge for the buyer, no administration costs are charged for this.


Article 5. Right to opt out of purchaseThe buyer has fourteen (14) calendar days to return the product (s) ordered by him at his own expense without paying a fine and without stating a reason. This period commences the day after the delivery date of the order. The product (s) must be returned in the original packaging and conditioning to the following address: SFF / Dienst Retour / Schalbroekstraat 6/3560 LUMMEN. The buyer must request his proof of return (label with number), validated by the Post. The buyer will keep it carefully for three (3) months.If the above conditions are met, SFF will notify the buyer within thirty (30) calendar days after SFF has received the package (the date of receipt by SFF serves to notify SFF that the buyer has exercised his right to cancel the purchase. refund), refund the sums deposited by him, except for the cost of returning the products to SFF, which will be borne by the buyer.



Right of withdrawal form

Article 6. PaymentEach order entails a participation in the shipping costs as stated in Article 2.3. SFF only works with advance payment. The buyer's order will only be processed when the amount owed is actually in SFF's account.Are not accepted as payment method: stamps, transfers attached to the order, as well as checks.When confirming the order, the buyer is asked to choose from the following payment methods:1 / By bank transfer:• The buyer deposits the amount owed, including postage costs, into SFF's account. The order will be processed as soon as the amount owed is in SFF's account.2 / Via Wix Payments or IDEALThe buyer pays electronically with his VISA card, Mastercard or Maestro.In any case, SFF reserves the right to refuse any order or delivery in the event of:• An existing dispute with the buyer• Non-payment or partial payment of a previous order by the buyer• Refusal of authorization for payment by bank / credit card by banking institutions• Non-payment or partial payment• Use of a bank card that was not issued by a Belgian financial institutionIn that case SFF can under no circumstances be held liable.


Article 7. GuaranteesThe buyer must keep the invoice carefully. A deviation upon receipt of the package: The buyer immediately contacts SFF or its consultant.


7.1. Exchange or return an itemIf a product is not to your liking, the buyer has 14 calendar days to return it in the original packaging. This period of 14 calendar days must be complied with.Every returned product must be complete and in new condition.Will not be taken back: (remain with SFFter at the disposal of the buyer who can pick them up if desired)• products damaged or soiled by the buyer, as well as worn clothing• products that are not returned in the original packaging, incomplete products, products for which the manual, mounting plan and / or parts or accessories are missing• products damaged by negligence, misuse or repaired by third parties or the buyer• products in the name of the customer other products that are clearly personal in nature. For example: products with name print or printing / embroidery in accordance with the customer's specifications;• products that cannot be returned due to their nature. For example: underwear• sealed products. If the seal is broken, these products are not returnable-> For example: The bottle of D-Day Special Forces GinIn case of abnormal or excessive returns, SFF reserves the right to refuse a subsequent order. If the buyer returns a product and has not provided his bank account number, he will receive a voucher (valid for 1 year see date of creation of the voucher) for a subsequent purchase. The buyer can return the receipt to SFF within a month, along with his bank account number to be refunded by bank transfer. The buyer must have the return certificate validated by the Post. If the buyer returns a heavy or bulky product, he will call SFF or his consultant so that both parties can work out the best solution together. Unstamped or COD shipments are refused. Certain items come with brand labels, tags, or a security stamp that should remain attached to the product. Products returned without brand labels or security stamp will not be refunded or exchanged.


Article 8. Protection of privacyThe processing of the personal data relating to the buyer by SFF is intended for customer management. the fight against fraud and breaches of customers, the management of disputes, the analysis of the risk of each order based on prior behavior of customers and potential customers, direct marketing, trade of commercial information and the intermediary service.The buyer has access to this information at any time, and may request its correction, by sending a letter (SFF, Hertogstraat 184, 3001 Lummen) or an email (, accompanied by a recto-verso copy. of his identity card.The nominative data relating to him may be communicated to SFF partners for marketing purposes. The buyer may object to this communication at any time by sending a letter or email as follows: "I object to the transfer of my personal data to third parties for marketing purposes".Additional information regarding the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data can be obtained from the Commission for the Protection of Privacy, Hoogstraat 139, 1000 Brussels.8.1. Nominative informationThe provision of nominative information in the context of distance selling is mandatory as this information is necessary to process and deliver the orders, as well as to prepare the invoices. This information is strictly confidential. If this information is not provided, the order will be rejected without further ado.In accordance with the Act of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data, a statement has been made to the Commission for the Protection of Privacy with regard to the processing of the nominative information collected on the site. The user has a right of access, modification, correction and deletion of the data relating to him.SFF may be prompted to communicate nominative information to its trading partners. As a result, the user may receive trading offers from third parties. In this respect, it is stipulated that the address details may be communicated to SFF's trading partners unless the user expressly objects to this. Obviously, the user retains the option to refuse this notification afterwards, either by not agreeing to this when registering and / or confirming his order, or by refusing to do so afterwards by post or e-mail, as described above.8.2. CookiesThe website WWW.SPECIALFORCESFRIENDS.COM 

Article 9. Various provisions9.1. Force of the majoritySFF cannot be held liable for the full or partial non-fulfillment of its obligations under this Agreement to the extent that the non-compliance is attributable to a force majeure event, in particular the presence of viruses, in the event of total or partial strike or interruption of postal services and means of transport and / or communication, as well as due to flooding and fire.Force majeure is equated with all events that meet the criteria set by case law.If an event designated as force majeure occurs, SFF will notify the user / buyer within 10 calendar days after this event has occurred.After one (1) month interruption due to force majeure, SFF has the opportunity not to honor the order, if necessary under SFF's obligation to refund the purchase price to the buyer.9.2. Partial invalidityIf one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions are declared invalid or declared null and void on the basis of any statutory or administrative provision or final decision of a competent court, the other provisions remain in full force and effect.9.3. Completeness of the agreementThe present terms and conditions and the order confirmation sent to the purchaser constitute a joint agreement that embodies all contractual relations between the parties.In the event of any conflict between these documents, the general terms and conditions take precedence.9.4. Applicable law - Valid jurisdictionThe present general terms and conditions of sale and the contractual relations between SFF and the buyer are governed by Belgian law. In the event of disputes, a solution should be amicably resolved before bringing legal action. Only the courts of Leuven are competent.

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