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Mission & vision SFF

Thank you for taking the time to read our mission

The non-profit association aims to unite the families, loved ones and sympathizers of the Belgian Special Forces Group.

The association strives to honor the memory of the senior officers of the SAS / SOE / ESR / LRRP / Cie SF / SF Gp.

The association strives to uphold and promote the standards and values of the Belgian Special Forces Operator.

Office hours do not exist at SFF!

We are available from Monday to Sunday, including holidays!

STATUTES non-profit association SFF

The association aims to:

Morally: Maintaining the spirit, mindset of the Special Forces, upholding and promoting the philosophy and moral values ​​of and camaraderie between Special Forces Operators, old and new. Motivating new candidates.

To honor the memory of former operators from the Belgian SAS to the current SF Gp.

The association declares its attachment to fundamental rights and freedoms and to the Belgian constitutional institutions. It denies any right to interfere with religious, philosophical or political issues.

In the field of public and cultural activities: Promoting and disseminating the SF Gp's name and philosophy through all media channels. To create and maintain bonds of friendship between its members and the members of any similar foreign organization, the objectives of which are the same, thus promoting solidarity and solidarity far beyond national borders.

Promote, organize, develop and encourage activities that benefit the Special Forces Group or family of its members.


We value our new SFF relations; Police, soldiers, firefighters, wardens, security guards, aid workers, medical personnel and forest guards, in short, all men and women who are committed to serving the Belgian community are welcome to us, as well as our respectful citizens who support us.


The VZW Special Forces Friends is carried by active or retired operators. Selfless. Thanks to Smos and Nadia for their commitment and motivation to get this project started.

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