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Every problem can be solved Special Forces or beer, provided they are Belgian!

Beer is the Belgian export product par excellence.

The Belgian SF operator has an excellent reputation within the international Special Forces community.


With our Q-CURSE beer we connect Belgian beer culture with the SF operator and combine two of Belgium's best export products. 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

The SF Qualification Course is the 6-month training and selection of our new members. Apart from the extreme physical and mental strain, this 'Q-course' is primarily a search for the right mindset and intrinsic motivation.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not special equipment, special training or special deployment resources that explain the word "special" in Special Forces. It is the selection of the exceptional mindset that enables operators to push alternative, creative and out-of-the-box solutions to difficult policy problems with an unyielding will to succeed.


Q curse is therefore a phonetic pun in which the curse (curse) becomes clear as soon as you taste the beer.


The three slogans:

Who dares wins – is the original motto of the original SAS, formed in the Second World War, where the 5th Belgian SAS was the first Belgian SAS unit. The SF GP is the rightful heir to the traditions and spirit of this legendary unit.

Far ahead – is the slogan of the Equipes Spéciales de Reconnaissance/Specialized Reconnaissance Teams (ESR/GVP). A unit that emerged from the Belgian SAS and was mainly active during the Cold War. The ESR/GVP was later transformed into SF Gp, with an intermediate step as LRRP.

Never surrender – the motto of the 1 Bn Para, which, in addition to the badge of the SAS, also formed the conventional branch of the legacy of our ancestral 5th SAS.


These three sayings symbolize the mindset of the current Special Forces Group:

Far ahead, like pilgrims in an unknown hostile world, with superhuman perseverance and the courage to face any problem and challenge.

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